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Flip the Switch

By Eric Harrison

In this hurried world, when is there a chance to stop everything and meditate? Flip the Switch offers 50 surprisingly easy answers.


It’s not necessary to be in a special quiet room or twisted pretzel-like into the lotus position to meditate – countless opportunities for quick meditations abound. Flip the Switch points out the time gaps that come throughout the day (idling at a red light, waiting for a computer to restart, standing in line at the grocery store) and teaches specially designed meditations that fit each of these situations.
As healthy as they are convenient, the book’s “spot meditations” achieve many of the same positive changes as one long meditation session and can actually offer even greater overall benefits since the healthy transformations occur over and over throughout the day. The book offers quick, easy answers for reducing stress, improving health, clarifying thoughts, releasing creativity, deepening emotions, and boosting sensory pleasures.

Released: Apr 2004
Price: $10.95 US

ISBN-10: 1569754160
ISBN-13: 978-1569754160

Trade Paper
160 pages


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