Beat Osteoporosis with Exercise Cover Photo

Beat Osteoporosis with Exercise

By Karl Knopf

Prevent bone loss and decrease the risk of injury with this fully-illustrated workout guide


Osteoporosis and bone loss affect millions of Americans and can start occurring in people as young as 30. Fractures, pain, and immobility are just a few of the alarming side effects that can result. Now, this comprehensive guide details the most effective method to preventing and treating the often debilitating condition—exercise. Featuring more than 100 step-by-step exercises and 300 step-by-step photos, Beat Osteoporosis with Exercise guarantees that you can build stronger bones, regardless of your current fitness level. The author, who specializes in the needs of aging patients, also covers the cause, symptoms, and treatment of this disease, along with simple lifestyle tweaks that can make a world of difference to your results. With the emphasis on proper form and gentle, effective movements, this book helps you safely and easily build muscle while avoiding injury. Plus, its exercise and workout schedules make it easy to achieve optimal results while getting fit.

Dr. Karl Knopf

Karl Knopf

Dr. Karl Knopf, or Dr. Karl, as his students used to call him, has been involved in the health and fitness of older adults and the disabled for over 40 years. During this time he has worked in almost every aspect of the industry, from personal training and therapy to consultation.


While at Foothill College, Karl was the coordinator of the Adaptive Fitness Tech­nician Program and Life Long Learning Institute. He taught disabled students and undergraduates about corrective exercise. In addition to teaching, Karl developed the “Fitness Educators of Older Adults Association” to guide trainers of older adults. Currently Karl is a director at the International Sports Science Association and is on the advisor board of PBS’s Sit and Be Fit show.


In his spare time he has spoken at conferences, authored many articles, and written numerous books on topics ranging from water workouts to fitness therapy. He was a frequent guest on both radio and print media on issues pertaining to senior fitness and the disabled.

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Released: April 2016
Price: $15.95

ISBN-10: 1612435556
ISBN-13: 9781612435558

Trade Paper
7.5" x 9.25"
144 pages

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