Anchor Charts for 1st to 5th Grade Teachers

Anchor Charts for 1st to 5th Grade Teachers

By Chynell Moore

Create a more inspiring classroom with amazing anchor charts.


Packed with 101 fun, colorful, and helpful anchor charts, this ready-to-use handbook for elementary teachers includes charts for such topics as the first weeks of school, reading, writing, spelling, behavior, and so much more. The minute you open this book you’ll gain actionable tips and tricks to get started using anchor charts in your classroom and how to take your anchor charts to the next level.


No need to spend time trying to think of creative ways to display your most essential information, just open the book and find a ready to use template that is perfect for your needs. From a Blurt Chart that encourages respectful classroom behavior to charts that help identify types of prose or narrative points of view, this book will help you learn how to easily display important information in creative, colorful, and engaging ways.


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Chynell Moore

Chynell Moore is the author of the blog,, as well as countless best-selling resources that she designs to help new teachers solve their most common problems that they encounter in the classroom. Her passion is helping newer teachers who feel overwhelmed become confident and in control of their classroom. She does this by providing practical, research-based ideas on her blog and in her resources. Visit her website or on Instagram (@thepinspiredteacher) to see inspiring ideas and resources to use in your classroom!

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Released: November 2018
Price: $16.95

ISBN-10: 1612438407
ISBN-13: 9781612438405

7.5" x 9.25"
128 pages

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