The key to understanding angel numbers and their effects is to comprehend the connection between angels and your own self. Annie Burdick takes you through a divine journey to understand the messages that the angels are sending us and using them in your life and your personal journey. In her book The Angel Workbook, you will deeply understand the connection that is required for you to interpret these messages and recognizing the moments where angels are trying to connect with you.


Angel Workbook

The Angel Workbook is available now for a deeper understanding of your angel numbers and guided work meant to enlighten your celestial being.


Having a foundational understanding of angels and divine guardians is the first and most obvious key to being able to connect with them and use their presence to enrich your life. But going forward from there is likely the most daunting part of this journey. Believing in the existence or power of divine spirits is one thing, but doing the internal and external work to make them part of your life is another. This work can take time and patience. 

Rest assured, even if the process feels like a challenge, angels will be excited to connect with you and will often meet you halfway once you start the process of engaging and connecting. They want to be a part of your life. 

There are a number of ways that you might ultimately connect with angels or any divine presence, including angel journaling, which will be covered thoroughly in chapter 5. Here are a few other methods to keep in mind. 


Yep, many people find themselves getting in touch with angels, or experiencing their messages or interventions, without doing anything to seek them out. These connections will likely be totally unexpected, and you actually may have come across these moments in your life already, with or without understanding their significance. Whether they have taken the form of meaningful symbols, such as white feathers or shimmering, sparkling lights; a voice in your head leading and guiding you; a seemingly miraculous event or moment; or a full, embodied angelic vision, angels may have already been playing a role in your life, behind the scenes. Now you’ll be able to spot these instances and interpret them more easily. 


While not a traditional meditation style, this method is still essentially like other forms of meditation: calming your mind and body, readying yourself to accept wisdom, and then calling for it to come to you. You can tailor this process to yourself and the ways you most innately relax and connect to spiritual guidance, but at its core, this is a process of finding quiet, private space; sinking into a peaceful state; and then calling to angels and waiting for a response to come. This process may not work on the first try, or even on the fifth. But over time, calming your mind and making it a more aware and accepting place will eventually bring you to a space where you can engage with angels and receive their messages.


As with unintentional connections, this method may not involve explicitly saying, “Hello angels, please come give me wisdom!” Instead, this method likely involves more personal growth and development of your attention skills. Knowing everything you do about angelic connection—and armed with everything you’ll learn in the coming chapters as well—you can start focusing in on some more subtle signs and messages that may have been popping up when your mind was too preoccupied to receive and under- stand them. 

Have you ever started hearing unusual or repeating sounds, such as sporadic buzzing, humming, or bells? This may be attempted angel contact. (Persistent and nonstop sounds should be checked by a doctor, though! We’re talking about occasional odd noises without a clear source.) The same goes for fleeting, beautiful scents or tastes in your mouth. A wafting floral scent or one that engages a beloved, core memory and seems to pop up out of nowhere can simply be a sign that an angel is around and nudging you.

Pay attention, too, to flares of emotions that seem to arrive and dissipate without a clear reason. While we’re all prone to emotional cycling and swings, an unexpected flood of intense love or joy unrelated to what’s happening physically around you is a great indicator that something is going on behind the scenes. Odd physical sensations, such as a shiver or a brush of air on your neck, can also indicate a presence making contact. 

Ultimately, being more mindful and aware of these potential signs and moments of engagement can get you started on a path to more regular angelic communication. Once you know some of the indicators that your guardian angel or spiritual guides are around, you’ll be ready to recognize them and start communicating back. 


If meditating or speaking aloud feels like more of a hurdle to you, writing down your thoughts and intended communications can be equally effective. However, this process should be a bit more specific. Rather than sitting down peacefully and saying, “I’m ready to communicate,” you’ll be putting thoughts to paper. That takes a bit more thought and intention, and preferably a specific recipient as well. Try to direct your letter to the one angel or presence you’d like to contact for help or connection, rather than a collective group. Then, write with a purpose. If you’re connecting for the first time, introduce yourself. Your letter should aim to address a specific concern or question that’s a focus in your life right now.

Describe your feelings, worries, or thoughts in detail. Putting all of this on paper is honestly as good for your ability to handle the situation as it is for connecting you to some angelic guidance. Even if you’re not talking about a life issue but perhaps are expressing your interest in forming a deeper connection with this particular angel, be specific and direct. Explain what you hope to gain from the communication and relationship, and specific questions you have for the angel.

Consider including a request for how the angel may get in contact with you—for example, “If you’re able to give signs of your presence through white feathers or floral scents, I’ll know you’re connecting with me.” Be sure to include genuine words of thanks and appreciation for this angel’s work and guidance in your life. And conclude with a loving signature. As with any letter, use an envelope, and add the angel’s name to the front. If possible, take a meditative moment to “send” this letter off. Light a small candle, get quiet, and reflect on the things you’ve written and the recipient you have in mind. Giving your appreciation and love, carefully burn the letter in the candle’s flame, releasing the message to the angel it’s meant for.