When you’re finished wiping your tears and analyzing whether “Is It Over Now?” is Harry Styles coded, we have the best 1989 hangover cure. These Ulysses Press books are centered around cats, parties, hidden romances, and cures for those long nights. Taylor’s fully first pop album won our hearts back in 2014 and almost ten years later, it is even hitting harder. Without further ado, Welcome to New York and to the best list of book recs.

The Hard Seltzer Cocktail book is the perfect cocktail book for any 1989 inspired party. With the increase in seltzers as party drinks, we are sure this book will never go out of “Style”

1989 marked a different era for Taylor, and for us. Her twenties came along with many mistakes and decisions that were nitpicked by the media. However, we all now how uneasy it is to navigate the twenties era. Why not make fun of it? With Oh, The Places You’ll Eff Up! You can crack a joke or two about this revolution on an era.

This one’s an obvious one. Might be one of everyone’s favorite Taylor Swift ex, until that From the Vault song released… Being a child of divorce is quite difficult at times. With Pocket Hotties: Harry Styles, you’ll remember all the reasons he’s our favorite (or not).

Pocket Hotties: Harry Styles

We all need a few laughts after listenting to “Now That We Don’t Talk” and “Is It Over Now?” With Let Me Knock That Off the Counter for You, we’ll fix that issue with Taylor’s favorite thing in the world: cats.

Listening to “You Are in Love” is like living in an everyday Romantic Comedy, which is why we created a book where we get to create it all on our own. Maybe this will help in manifesting it?

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