Hunt a Killer Detective's Puzzle BookAre you a true crime junkie? Think you would make a great detective or PI? Now is your chance to put your mind to the test with a brand new detective’s puzzle book from the creators of Hunt a Killer!

We are excited to announce Hunt A Killer: The Detective’s Puzzle Book, a brand-new activity book from the world’s premiere murder mystery company! Packed with codes, ciphers, and more mind-bending puzzles, this book will test your logic, eye for detail, and observational skills.

In Hunt A Killer: The Detective’s Puzzle Book, you’ll meet up with private eye Michelle Gray who needs you to hit the books and fine-tune your investigative skills before the next big murder case.

Under her expert guidance, you’ll start with “Investigative Best Practices” before diving into a world of curious ciphers, devious riddles, and other intriguing logic puzzles all designed to take you from amateur sleuth to a top-notch lead detective. With non-narrative puzzles, you can pick up this training manual anytime you need to sharpen your skills, between episodes, or whenever you need a fun challenge.

Whether you’re a Hunt A Killer member, armchair detective, or logic puzzle junkie, these deceptively difficult but always fun puzzles will have you breaking codes and cracking Hunt A Killer cases in no time.

Itching to get started? Pick up a pen, grab your magnifying glass and get sleuthing with the sneak peek sample activities below!


Download the Detective’s Puzzle Book sample activities here!

Detective's Puzzle Book