college freshmen tips

So you’re about to start the next four years of your life at a new school…. First of all, congratulations! You got in and your efforts and passion have paid off. But, hard work isn’t over. College is an exciting part of early-adulthood. But, this can also be such a scary, anxiety ridden time for freshmen. From being in a new environment to wondering how to get to that one building on campus, college can be nerve-racking. We’re here to help lower anxiety for college freshmen with some tips.

Here’s a curated list of Ulysses Press titles to help guide you on your first year. Happy reading and good luck!

I Love Trader Joe’s College Cookbook

Tired of the soggy salads from the dining hall? Take the bus and get ingredients at your local Trader Joe’s and make these quick, easy, and tasty recipes for those late study nights.

Small Apartment Hacks


From the small twin-size mattress to the boxes of stuff under your bed, we know there’s limited space. Get the most of your dorm and maybe eventual off-campus apartment with these clever hacks!

Here to Make Friends


Maybe your roommate turned out to be the worst person you’ve ever met and you feel your social life is nonexistent. Don’t worry, use these tips and you might find your forever people in that random astronomy class you had to take.

Goodnight Dorm Room"</h2

This book answers the most pressing questions that college-bound high school graduates probably never think to ask. Like: Why should I get to my dorm room early on Day 1? Or is it really a bad idea if I major in archaeology? And how does one use a “washing machine”?

The Self- Love Workbook

College life not meshing well with you? Take some time to reflect between those classes and study breaks to boost self-esteem and find back your happiness.

The Self-Love Planner

Self-Love Planner Cover

Use the customizable planner as your guide to embrace a healthy mindset and find self-love in each and every day.

Alexandra and the Awful, Awkward, No Fun, Truly Bad Dates

Bad Dates Cover

You’re going to meet a lot of people in college, and maybe you find that one person cute and end up going on a date with them…..and it turns out to be the worst date of your college life. Alexandra can relate.

Oh, the Places You’ll Eff Up!


You’re a freshman, embrace it! Because, soon you’ll find that life gets scarier and a whole lot more complicated. This fun parody book pokes fun and exposes the not-always-awesome realities of starting out in the adult world after college.

SO! Get out there, hit the library, go to classes, and good luck. Here’s to all the college freshmen looking for tips and wondering what they’re doing in life.