It’s been a tough year for education. Adjusting to online and hybrid learning has proven to be a no small challenge to tackle, and that’s especially true for young children and toddlers who are perhaps having their first education experience in the midst of the pandemic. 

That’s why it’s particularly important to take the time to celebrate your toddler’s school achievements as much as possible this year. So, after a tough school year, give your preschool and kindergarten grads the gift of inspiration with And Off You Go to Change the World. This charming new children’s book is the perfect graduation day gift—full of positive messages paired with adorable, colorful illustrations that promise to uplift and encourage children on their big day.

And Off You Go to Change the World is a wonderful read for parents and children alike. It’s sure to show your graduate just how much they can accomplish—from becoming a doctor or astronaut, to a teacher or musician—as they have their first experiences with school and pave the way to a lifetime of learning. Now, you can even start the graduation gift-giving early by downloading this free coloring page featuring an illustration from the book! Grab those gel pens or markers and have your special graduate add some vibrant color to this page as you celebrate. Congratulations, grad!

Order your copy of And Off You Go to Change the World here!


-By Kierra Sondereker