Oh, oh! You realized that Mother’s Day is less than a week away, didn’t you? The good thing about having a literary mother, is that books arrive in no time and will most likely arrive before Sunday as the perfect mother’s day gift. The best thing is she won’t even realize you forgot about it, with how great the gift will be! This gift guide includes the best mother’s day gifts for all types of moms, from the humorous one, to the emotional, fitness and even the weed mom! Our books have an audience for any one you might want to surprise on this delightful day.

Mother’s Day Gifts For Fitness Moms

Anti-Diet Workbook

The Anti-Diet Worbook is the perfect book for fitness gurus, yoga and pilates fans and mother’s who want to indulge in their weekly glass of wine while not feeling guilty. The book discusses listening to your body and understanding it! It is a workbook meant for the reader to gain control over their eating habits.

Mother’s Day Gifts For Moms Who Need a Good Laugh

This hilarious collection of trivia, jokes and puns is perfect for the moms that like to have a good laugh or need a little humor in their life. This giftable book is packed full of surprisingly adorable and informative color illustrations and poopy pub trivia.

Gifts For the Weed Mom

Weed Mom Book Cover

The title is self explanatory – but this is the perfect mother’s day gift for women who like to incorporate a healthy dose of THC into their lifestyle. It also discusses parenting, family life and guides on how to start micro-dosing.

Gifts For the New Mom

It is very common to not know what to give a parent who is celebrating their first mother’s day! Break Free from Reactive Parenting is a great tool for parents who are both starting out as parents or those who have been at it for a while. The book discusses ways to become an ally to your children and offers many activities for both the child and the parent!

Mother’s Day Gifts For the Tarot or Plant Mom

For all the mother’s who dabble in astrology, or love their plants, OR BOTH, this tarot deck is a perfect and beautiful gift. This modern take on the traditional 78-card Rider-Waite tarot deck combines authenticity and respect for the traditional themes and interpretations of tarot with a bit of plant-parent humor, and includes thoughtful interpretations.