Nurse Wong from Butt Talks TV

Susan Wong, RN, BSN, aka Nurse Wong, is a graduate of the UCSF School of Nursing. In her 40+ years as a nurse, she has served patients at UCSF in a variety of settings including surgical, dialysis, and colorectal. In 1999, she was asked to help with the development of a groundbreaking UCSF colorectal clinic.


Because of her ability to effectively listen and empathize with the beloved patients she treats, Nurse Wong has been affectionately dubbed the “The Rear Admiral” and the “Butt Whisperer” by her coworkers. She has participated in workshops all across the US as well as the Netherlands and Great Britain. She has won several service awards of excellence for contributions to her patient population and is rated as one of the top providers at her medical center. In May of 2020, she was recently interviewed for an article on the use of bidets in the Smithsonian Magazine. At the urging of her son Julien, in May 2020 Nurse Wong and Julien launched Butt Talks TV on YouTube with the goal of reaching people around the globe with bowel-related issues by demystifying the taboo surrounding poop health. Though still in its infancy, Butt Talks TV already has a fast-growing subscribership along with further plans for expansion.


On a personal note, Nurse Wong was one of only five Chinese-Americans out of the 140 in her nursing class, which, at the time, was a cultural breakthrough. After the passing of her husband in 2003, she raised her son Julien, now a budding entrepreneur. Her first language is Cantonese and she is also fluent in French. She loves to cook for family and friends using the many herbs grown year-round in her lovely San Francisco patio garden.

Titles by Nurse Wong from Butt Talks TV

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