Lise Herzog

Lise Herzog was born in 1973 in Alsace. Her life began with a ballpoint pen in hand, to fill drafts of A4 paper with drawings. In search of precision, she observes and redraws every day, trying to figure out how to represent things and disappointed the next day. So she started again. This is how, quite naturally, she began pursuing her quest at the University of Plastic Arts and then at Decorative Arts in Strasbourg. In 1999, with her diploma in her pocket, she presented her sketchbooks to publishing houses, and so began her illustrative journey. The same year, she was selected to attend the Bologna Book Fair. Since then, she has illustrated many books, for young people and adults, fiction and documentaries. Lise Herzog is also the author of drawing books, including The Easy Drawing, The Successful Drawing, Easy Color and Easy Perspective and Composition Mango editions.

Titles by Lise Herzog

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