Lauren Rowello

Lauren Rowello is a homeschooling educator and the co-founder of a nontraditional schooling initiative in the Philadelphia area. Lauren aims to make unconventional approaches to education more accessible for marginalized learners, including those with disabilities who often lack support and resources in both conventional and unconventional learning spaces.

Lauren was diagnosed as autistic in adulthood. Because of their late diagnosis, they understand what it’s like to have school-related challenges that go largely unnoticed and unaddressed. That experience made Lauren especially passionate about developing opportunities that are affirming and empowering for neurodivergent learners—including their own kids—and other students who struggle with executive functioning.

Lauren is also an award-winning journalist whose work has been featured in a variety of national publications. Their writing explores themes of identity, mental health, relationships, and a wide scope of justice issues and current events.

Titles by Lauren Rowello

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