Kindi Lantz

Kindi Lantz

Kindi Lantz discovered her love of cooking long before she could even reach the kitchen counters; her grandmother gave her access to nearly every ingredient in her kitchen for her (mostly inedible) experiments. For the better part of 10 years, Kindi managed and even took on part ownership of a gourmet catering company in the Portland, OR metro area; it was there, alongside some of the most talented chefs, planners, and entertainers, that Kindi’s passion developed the most.


When her husband, their young spitfire of a daughter, and she moved back to Montana, they were thrilled to fill their freezer with wild game and Kindi made it her mission to combine big city culinary artistry with some of the finest-tasting and sustainably-sourced meats in the world. When Kindi isn’t in the kitchen, she is typically providing Digital Marketing and SEO Writing services to businesses looking to be found organically online on behalf of her own small business, FreeLantz, LLC, tending to What The Cluck Farm, her small-scale, organic farm in Frenchtown, MT, or spending time outdoors or crafting with her family.

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February 18, 2021

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