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Lose Weight with the Revolutionary Glycemic Load Program
Fedon Alexander Lindberg M.D.

he Glycemic Index (GI) is a highly acclaimed route to weight loss, but it has one big drawback: GI values don’t take portion sizes into…

Determine Which Foods Are Making You Sick So You Can Eat Well and Feel Great!
Maggie Moon

A Highly Effective Program for Getting to the Bottom of Your Food Allergies and Digestive Illnesses Mysterious allergies and digestion problems plague millions of people,…

Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide
Ellie Herman

Pilates is one of the fastest growing exercise trends. Now Ellie Herman, a renowned Pilates instructor and author, shows how to make Pilates more interesting…

Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide
Ellie Herman

Ellie Herman’s Pilates Workbook on the Ball shows how proper use of the Physioball makes it easier to gain the strengthening and slimming effects of…

200 Ways to Say it with Kitties
Ulysses Press

Nothing says “this is how I feel” like an adorable cat sticker Behold! The merging of two of the internet’s most popular icons—emoticons and cats!…

A 10-Minute-a-Day Program of Stretching, Strengthening and Movement to Break the Grip of Pain
Dr. Joseph Tieri

Live pain-free with a quick-and-easy program that treats common muscle and joint pains As they age, millions of Americans experience chronic muscle and joint pain…

Astounding Fecal Facts from a Day in the City
Deuce Flanagan

A classic bathroom reader for adults that presents funny trivia, gross stories, and fascinating facts in an illustrated children’s book style New York City has…

An Illustrated Bathroom Companion for Grown-Ups
Deuce Flanagan

ONCE UPON A TIME . . . . . . when you were little, you learned that everyone poops. But did you ever discover how…

50 Innovative Recipes for your Ceramic Smoker and Grill
Paul Sidoriak

Unique recipes that utilize the kamado’s amazing ability to enhance the flavor of everything from meats and seafood to veggies and baked goods Forget hot…

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Laura Agadoni



Alternative Power, Energy Storage, Low Voltage Appliances and Other Lifesaving Strategies for Self-Sufficient Living
Alan Fiebig and Arlene Fiebig
Quick and Clever Projects for Creating Adorable Stuff
Andreia Gomes
A Children's Book Parody for Adults Exploring the World of Wine
Reese Ling