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Resistance Stories from Black History for Kids

By Rann Miller

Black history is a robust and multifaceted chapter in world history that is often watered down. History books tend to highlight whitewashed versions of African enslavement, the Civil Rights Movement, and other “safe” topics that, while important, do not fully encapsulate the experiences of the Black and African diaspora. By telling the stories that are often omitted from history, Resistance Stories from Black History for Kids sets out to show that the Black experience is not only defined by marching and boycotting, but also through rebellion and resistance.Learn about little-known facets, events, and figureheads from Black history, including:

  • Vicente Guerrero, the first Black North American president
  • One Marie Judge and her escape to freedom from George Washington
  • Dr. Carter G. Woodson and the real reason he created Black History Month
  • The history of the “dap” and its roots in African tradition
  • Mansa Musa and his travels throughout the continent of Africa
  • And many more exciting stories!


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Rann Miller

Rann Miller is a public educator, serving as both a Director of Anti-Bias and DEI Initiatives and a teacher of Advance Placement U.S. History. His experience spans over 12 years in K-12 settings and 5 years high education experience. Rann is also a freelance writer and contributor to scholarly journals, textbooks and online news platforms on the topics intersecting the areas of race, education, history and politics as well as the founder of the Urban Education Mixtape, a blog that supports urban educators and parents of students in urban schools. In addition, Rann is also a professional development presenter and public speaker.


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Released: March 2023
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