Psychopaths: Up Close and Personal

Psychopaths: Up Close and Personal

By Christopher Berry-Dee

Peek Inside the Minds of the Most Disturbing Murderers


What makes a cold, heartless murderer tick? In this book, investigative criminologist Christopher Berry-Dee takes readers through the acts of some of the most dangerous people who once walked among us. Then he digs deeper. Using the killers’ own words, he reveals their twisted psyches. After spending years researching, interviewing and corresponding with imprisoned criminals, he paints a picture of how narcissism, jealousy, and sociopathy can make people commit horrifying and violent acts without remorse.


Highlighting some of the most infamous serial killers in history, as well as recently convicted murderers, this books explores the cases and psychopathies of murderers, including:


  • Oscar Pistorius, Olympic Murderer
  • Kenneth Alessio Bianchi, the Hillside Strangler
  • Harold Shipman, Dr. Death Kenneth
  • Allen McDuff, the Broomstick Killer
  • Melanie McGuire, the Suitcase Murder


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Christopher Berry-Dee (image Ian Tuttle)

Christopher Berry-Dee

Christopher Berry-Dee is the editor of The New Criminologist and director of the Criminology Research Centre. He has written numerous books on murderers and serial killers. He was also the researcher and interviewer for a 13-part TV series in the UK entitled The Serial Killers. Visit his website at

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Released: January 2017
Price: $15.95

ISBN-10: 1612437621
ISBN-13: 9781612437620

5.5" x 8.5"
312 pages

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