Can’t get enough of true crime? From podcasts, to docu-series, to books, there are so many great ways to bring your fascination with true crime into your daily life. Now, take this quiz and discover another fun way to take your love of all things serial killer, cold cases, and murder mysteries to the next level: making a true crime cocktail!

Whether you feel like drinking alone as you watch the latest true crime documentary on Netflix, or you want to add a true crime flair to your next drink with friends, this quiz will not only help you decide which cocktail to make, but your results will also give you a rundown on which famous true crime case or serial killer your drink is based on. Plus, you can check out which Ulysses Press true crime books, like Serial Killer Trivia, Cold Cases: A True Crime Collection, and The Serial Killer Cookbook, you can read to learn more about the case that inspired your cocktail!

Once you settle on a deliciously creepy cocktail, get shaking and stirring so you can sit back, relax, and start sipping as you dive deeper into the unsettling yet fascinating world of true crime.