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Ulysses Press
PO Box 3440, Berkeley, CA 94703
Tel: 510-601-8301
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Contact Us

Ulysses Press
PO Box 3440
Berkeley, CA 94703
tel 510-601-8301
fax 510-601-8307

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Ulysses Press

Named for five out of the last eight years as one of Publishers Weekly’s ten “fastest-growing small publishers,” Ulysses Press is reinventing the relationship between reader, author and publisher.

Beyond market-driven, Ulysses Press focuses on highly targeted niche groups that aren’t being offered the books they want by the big corporate-owned New York houses.

As pop culture changes at the speed of the Internet, books have a powerful role to play in the interconnected world. But no new media has ever eliminated an existing media form. They force change, and with change comes opportunity. That is why our printed books work hand in hand with e-book and online versions of their content.

Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Ulysses Press. Before submitting a manuscript, please take some time to familiarize yourself with our list and consider how your work will enhance our publishing program.

Our publishing program seeks to move along the cultural cutting edge. We stay ahead of the competition by publishing books at the forefront of emerging trends and by finding unique angles on established topics unexplored by other publishers.

When it comes to finding new books, we are especially interested in titles that fill demonstrated niches in the trade book market. We seek books that take a specific and unique focus, a focus that can differentiate a book and make it stand out in a crowd.

We review unsolicited manuscripts on an ongoing basis. Submissions must include:

  • A brief (1-2 page) synopsis of the project
  • An annotated table of contents
  • One to two sample chapters
  • An author biography, including publishing credits
  • Market research, including
  • A description of your target audience
  • A brief comparison with competitive titles, demonstrating how your project fills a need and covers new ground
  • A self-addressed stamped envelope. Submissions without adequate return postage cannot be returned.
  • Your e-mail address. Acceptances, rejections, and other correspondence may be conducted via e-mail. Inclusion of a working e-mail address may dramatically reduce response times.

We do not publish fiction, poetry, autobiography or children’s books.

Do not send original artwork, photographs or manuscripts of which you do not retain a copy.

Keep in mind that we are a small press. Expect a wait of at least three months before receiving a reply. Email submissions to


Our books are available from online retailers, direct from Ulysses Press and at bookstore throughout the USA, Canada and the UK. We encourage you to support the bookstores in your local community.

Independently Owned Bookstores (USA)
Barnes & Noble (USA)
Chapters & Indigo (Canada)

Ordering Single Books

Ulysses Press gladly accept orders for any of the titles you find on this website. However, our website does not support secured transactions, so if you would like to order online, please use the provided “Buy It Now” links to our online partners.

To order direct from Ulysses Press using Visa/MC, call 800-377-2542.

To order by mail, send a check to:
Ulysses Press
PO Box 3440
Berkeley, CA 94703

When paying with a check, please add shipping:
Bookrate (USA): Free
1st Class (USA): $3.50 ($1 per additional book)
UPS 2-day Air (USA): $7.00 ($1 per additional book)
Call or email Customer Service for international shipping rates.
California residents please add 8% sales tax.

Group Orders

Ulysses Press offers competitive programs for corporations, groups and organizations that wish to purchase multiple copies of single titles. For information on discounts and ordering, contact:

Bryce Willett
Ulysses Press
PO Box 3440
Berkeley, CA 94703
510-601-8301 tel
510-601-8307 fax

Book Trade

PGW/Perseus Worldwide

Foreign Rights

Foreign rights for Ulysses Press titles are represented by Biagi Literary Management. To view a pdf of the complete Biagi Literary Management Foreign Rights and Co-Editions catalog, click here. For additional information and review copies, please contact Biagi Literary Management at the following:

Biagi Literary Management
27 Bedford Road
Pleasantville, New York 10570
tel: 646-894-4287