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Subtle Art of Fart Remarks
Clever Things to Say When You Fart
By Bree Kingwind

Everybody farts! But nobody knows what to say when it happens…until now!

It’s inevitable. There will come a time when someone just can’t hold it in any longer. And then, a fart. You’ve been there before and you will be there again. But what can you do in that situation? How can you break the awkward silence and move on with life? Cover it up? Look for someone to blame? Take responsibility for it and face the music? This cute and funny gift book explores over 100 potential fart remarks that are sure to bring the right amount of humor to a variety of fart filled circumstances. Whether you’re sitting in the bathroom stall, driving in the car, or working in the office, this book provided a colossal collection of clever comments that are sure to clear the air.

Apr 2019
6.5 x 5
144 pages
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