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The Elimination Diet Workbook
Determine Which Foods Are Making You Sick So You Can Eat Well and Feel Great!
By Maggie Moon

A Highly Effective Program for Getting to the Bottom of Your Food Allergies and Digestive Illnesses
Mysterious allergies and digestion problems plague millions of people, but doctors can do little to help since many allergies are undetectable and overlapping symptoms often make it difficult to come up with a diagnosis. The Elimination Diet Workbook offers the only trusted, natural method for getting to the root of your own ailments and eliminating them for good.
While an elimination diet is unquestionably the most effective method for identifying food allergies and sensitivities, those who want to try it are often plagued by a barrage of conflicting reports on the proper way. This comprehensive handbook cuts through all the misinformation to give you the facts you need and a diet plan you can trust.
A thoroughly detailed guide to the diet itself, The Elimination Diet Workbook is also a primer on common allergies, inflammation, and digestive disorders and the foods that trigger each condition. Once you have started the diet, you can log your experiences in the journal section, creating an invaluable record of reactions and their triggers that you can bring to a physician for a more thorough and accurate diagnosis.

Jun 2014
Trade Paper
6 1/2 x 9
208 pages
Personal Growth
Special Diets
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