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Candida Cleanse
The 21-Day Diet to Beat Yeast and Feel Your Best
By Sondra Forsyth

An easy, all-natural way to flush your system of excessive Candida fungus while feeling energized and healthy
Candida infections are responsible for a host of unpleasant and painful symptoms. But with the Candida Cleanse, it takes as little as 21 days to reclaim vitality without resorting to risky measures like colonics and liquid diets. The secret to this simple and delicious regimen is to eliminate foods that the fungus thrives on.

This easy-to-follow three-phase program helps readers feel better right away but also guides them on staying healthy over time:
Phase 1 is the powerful 21-day cleanse, which kills the fungus and leaves the reader feeling great
Phase 2 continues to starve the yeast as one transitions back to a regular diet
Phase 3 gradually reintroduces favorite foods in a way that keeps the fungus at bay for life

In addition, the diet outlined in Phase 3 is safe to stay on indefinitely and will almost certainly result in weight loss, helping readers look and feel better than ever before!

May 2014
Trade Paper
5 x 7 7/8
208 pages
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