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Blonde Walks into a Bar
The 4,000 Most Hilarious, Gut-Busting Jokes on Everything From Hung-Over Accountants to Horny Zebras
By Stephen Arnott

Unapologetically funny and irreverent, A Blonde Walks into a Bar holds nothing back as it delivers laugh after laugh. Sacrificing political correctness for the sake of good old-fashioned humor, this book takes shots at everyone from accountants, lawyers and politicians to blondes, rednecks and farm animals — and of course, everyone’s favorite trio: a priest, a minister, and a rabbi. After reading only a few pages, readers will find themselves uncontrollably e-mailing side-splitting jokes to family, friends and social network buddies. Books this funny should be outlawed!

Jul 2008
$14.95 US ($19.50 CAN)
Trade Paper
496 pages
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