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The Scientific Breakthrough for Boosting Metabolism, Losing Fat and Gaining Lean Muscle
Nicole Dvorak
A Hands-On Guide to Boost Self-Esteem, Recognize Your Worth and Find Genuine Happiness
Shainna Ali

Hands-On Activities and Open-Ended Questions For Developing Grit, Adaptability and Creative Thinking In K-5 Classrooms
Will Hussey
Sensational Recipes and BBQ Techniques for Tender, Mouth-Watering Deer, Elk, Turkey, Pheasant, Duck and More
Kindi Lantz

An Internet Fairytale of Fame, Fortune and Followers
Kate Kennedy and Torie Conn
A Step-by-Step Workbook for Painting Embellished Scripts and Beautiful Art
Jessica Park

Fudgy the Poopman’s Collection of Christmas Classics Made Crappy
Bonnie Miller