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Enough Is Enough--Embracing the Swedish Way to Balance and Happiness
Lola A. Åkerström
50 Pretty, Portable Packed Lunches (Including) Delicious Soups, Salads, Pastas and More
Jessica Harlan

A Guided Journal to Gauge How Much You've Changed Since Childhood
David Nadelberg
Identify, Harvest and Cook Life-Saving Wild Plants
Heather Harris

More Life-Saving Strategies for Years of Self-Sufficient Living
Jim Cobb
Your Strategic Relocation Plan for TEOTWAWKI―Including Secluded Ranches, Fortified Bunkers, Self-Sufficient Compounds and Survival Communities
Charley Hogwood

Up Close and Personal: Inside the Minds of Sociopaths, Serial Killers and Deranged Murderers
Christopher Berry-Dee
Haunting Encounters Told by Real People
Tony Brueski and Jenny Brueski

101 Cosmic Wonders Including Planets, Moons, Comets, Galaxies, Nebulae, Star Clusters and More
Will Kalif
97 Magical Concoctions Made from Almost Anything - Including Fluffy, Galaxy, Crunchy, Magnetic, Color-changing, and Glow-In-The-Dark Slime
Adam Vandergrift

60 Habit-Forming Programs to Live an Infinitely Better Life
Rosanna Casper
Cleansing Rituals to Purify Your Home, Attract Positive Energy and Bring Peace into Your Life
Rodika Tchi

Quick and Delicious Recipes for Enhancing Brain Function and Helping Prevent Alzheimer's and Dementia
Kristin Diversi
Prevent Your Child from Developing Diabetes and Obesity Later in Life
Dr. Pierre Dukan

45 Step-by-Step Tutorials for Beautiful, Everyday Hairstyles
Abby Smith
Have Fun Learning Latin with Songs, Games, Puzzles and Jokes
Jason Talley