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An Interactive Poetry Journal from the Author of I Wrote This For You
Iain Sinclair Thomas

A creativity-sparking collection of thoughtful prompts to spur readers’ creative writing and deep reflection Unlike other journals full of trite quotes and kitschy pictures, I…

Debunking the Most Commonly Respected Myths
Jamie Frater

Astounding, myth-shattering evidence that disproves hundreds of commonly—but wrongly—held beliefs Dissecting the myths, misconceptions, and all-out lies that almost everyone believes as “fact,” I Call Bullshit…

More than 150 International Recipes Using Foods from the World's Greatest Grocery Store
Cherie Mercer Twohy

A full-color guide to easily creating delicious ethnic meals the affordable way—using the array of international foods found at Trader Joe’s One of the few…

150 Cheap and Easy Gourmet Recipes
Andrea Lynn

Turn Trader Joe’s affordable, easy-to-prepare foods into delicious meals—even if you’ve never cooked before. The ultimate one-stop shopping guide, College Cooking at Trader Joe’s finally…

More than 150 Delicious Recipes Using Only Foods from the World’s Greatest Grocery Store
Cherie Mercer Twohy

DELICIOUS RECIPES MADE EASY THANKS TO TRADER JOE’S® Packed with unique and fabulous foods, Trader Joe’s® rocks. Now, The I Love Trader Joe’s® Cookbook shows…

Delicious Recipes and Entertaining Ideas Using Only Foods and Drinks from the World’s Greatest Grocery Store
Cherie Mercer Twohy

A full-color guide to throwing a fabulous get-together the easy and fun way—buy everything at Trader Joe’s. As one of the few grocery stores to…

150 Delicious and Healthy Recipes Using Foods from the World's Greatest Grocery Store
Kris Holechek

Trader Joe’s unique and affordable vegetarian foods combined into creative, tasty, and satisfying dishes Great-tasting vegetarian food shouldn’t mean ending tracking down of specialty ingredients…

Furnishings from Everyone's Favorite Store, Customized for Your Home
Charlotte Rivers and Elyse Major

Transform awesome IKEA home furnishing into even more amazing creations with these delightfully innovative reimaginings You love IKEA® for its affordable, high-quality home furnishings. Now…

50 Boozy Treats That You Spike and Freeze at Home
Valerie Lum and Jenise Addison

Devilishly Delicious and Sinfully Spiked Homemade Ice Creams Designed for the coolest of homemade ice cream enthusiasts, this gorgeous full-color cookbook shows how to make…

DIY Home Furnishing Projects from
Jules Yap

The ingenious team at show you how to transform affordable IKEA products into creative new furniture and more Jules Yap and the contributors to…

A Teacher's Guide to Empowering Students through Effective Praise and Feedback
Annie Brock

Infuse the powerful vocabulary of growth mindset into your lesson plans, feedback and student guidance From the authors of the bestselling The Growth Mindset Coach,…

Complete Anatomy and Rehabilitation Programs for Back, Neck, Shoulders, Elbows, Hips, Knees, Ankles and More
Karl Knopf

Comprehensive resistance band program for recovering from injury and staying pain-free and healthy The ultimate tool for getting in shape or recovering from a painful…

Fun and Simple Projects for Adorable Gifts, Decor, and More
Alison Caporimo and Meera Lee Patel

Cool craft projects for people who enjoy fashioning handmade items but don’t want to spend a lot of time or money Each of these 50…

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Ali Miller RD LD CDE
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Andie Thueson
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