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The Curious Origins of Everyday Sayings and Fun Phrases
Andrew Thompson

400 intriguing, entertaining, and often hilarious etymological journies English is filled with curious, intriguing and bizarre phrases. This book reveals the surprising, captivating and even…

A Wild and Crazy Guide to Celebrating Your True Self
Elizabeth Wagele

Written by a self-confessed introvert, this fun-to-read handbook is a slightly wacky yet truly heartfelt look at the richness introverts experience in their inner worlds….

The French Edition of Harold and the Purple Crayon
Crockett Johnson

Have fun learning French with the beloved story of Harold and his magical crayon Creative, endearing and simply beautiful, the tale of Harold’s wondrous journey…

A Complete Program for Eating Smart, Reversing Symptoms and Feeling Great
Kate Barrington

The ultimate guide to regaining one’s health by overcoming this debilitating autoimmune disease If you have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, you may feel as if there is…

50 Dazzling and Delicious Cake Creations
Kris Holechek

Compassionate and eye-catching cakes so scrumptious they wow even non-vegans From quick and easy coffee cakes to layered birthday extravaganzas, now vegans can enjoy all…

An At-Home, Rehab Program to End Pain and Regain Range of Motion
Karl Knopf

A comprehensive at-home rehab, strengthening, and maintenance program for recovering from and preventing frozen shoulder The cause of your frozen shoulder may be a mystery,…

The Natural Way to get Minerals, Amino Acids, Gelatin and Other Vital Nutrients to Fix Your Digestion
Robin Westen

A program to balance digestive health in seven days using traditional quick-and-easy bone broth remedies Your stomach and intestinal tract house a vast ecosystem of…

Balance and Repair your Mouth Microbes to Improve Gut Health, Reduce Inflammation and Fight Disease
Cass Nelson-Dooley

Improve Your Health by Fixing Your Mouth-Gut Microbiome Connection Good health might start in your gut, but your mouth is the gateway to your gut….

How Cannabidiol Can Transform Your Health without the High
Eileen Konieczny

A complete, easy-to-understand guide to cannabidiol (CBD) treatments and benefits. Often confused with the stigmas of medical marijuana, information around revolutionary cannabidiol (CBD) treatments has…

Exercises for Treating and Preventing Common Hip Joint Injuries
Dr. Karl Knopf

END PAIN, REGAIN RANGE OF MOTION AND PREVENT INJURY Millions of people suffer from debilitating hip conditions each year. With Healthy Hips Handbook, you can…

100 Exercises for Treating and Preventing Frozen Shoulder, Rotator Cuff and other Common Injuries
Dr. Karl Knopf

END PAIN, REGAIN RANGE OF MOTION AND PREVENT RE-INJURY Millions of people suffer from debilitating shoulder problems each year. With Healthy Shoulder Handbook, you can…

Including Phoenix, Tucson, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon
Richard Harris

New Hidden Highlight maps point the way to lesser-known gems along the state’s historic old highways. This is the ultimate guide to Arizona’s spectacular beauty…

Including the Kona Coast, Hilo, Kailua, and Volcanoes National Park
Ray Riegert

An all-new color section features a photo survey of hidden beaches, including the volcanic-tinted Green Sand Beach. Hidden highlights maps show the way to quiet…

Richard Harris

The ultimate beach-to-ruins guide with details on over 40 beaches and 150 Mayan archaeological sites, this edition of Hidden Cancún and the Yucatán is fully…

Including Asheville, Great Smoky Mountains, Outer Banks, and Charleston
Catherine O'Neal

From the cobblestone streets of Charleston and the beaches of the outer banks to the cozy inns of Asheville and the campgrounds of the Smokies,…

Including Key Largo and Key West
Candace Leslie

Perfect for lovers of hot beaches and warm water with complete information on swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and boating. This book guides readers to both…

Including Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Lanai, Molokai, and the Big Island
Ray Riegert

The ultimate beach-lover’s book—covers 186 beaches, including 139 with swimming, 100 with snorkeling and 84 with surfing.

Including Hanalei, Princeville, and Poipu
Ray Riegert

Hidden Kauai offers opinionated reviews for over 85 restaurants and more than 85 hotels and condos. With information on all types of outdoor adventures —…

Including Lahaina, Kaanapali, Haleakala, and the Hana Highway
Ray Riegert

Hidden Maui is perfect for lovers of warm-water fun with complete information on swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing. This guide also reviews a wide…

Including Moorea, Bora Bora, and the Society, Austral, Gambier, Tuamotu, and Marquesas Islands
Rob Kay

Hidden Tahiti guides readers to surprisingly chic dining spots in Papeete as well as the most scenic beaches and the best spots for enjoying a…

500 of the Best Worst Jokes That Get a Side-splitting Laugh (or at Least an Eye-rolling Groan)
Harry Hilton

The ultimate collection of terribly hilarious jokes. From classic knock-knock jokes to creative one-liners, this book of offers 500 of the best, most groan-inducing, and…

The Coloring Book
Valentin Ramon

AN INSPIRING PICTORIAL HISTORY OF HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON FOR YOU TO COLOR AND ENJOY Color and discover the extraordinary life of Hillary Rodham Clinton with…

Delicious Recipes for a Year of Hassle-Free Celebrations
Jonnie Downing

Crowd-pleasing, special occasion recipes made easy and delicious thanks to the magic of the slow cooker Preparing a big meal to enjoy with friends and…

Need-to-Know Stuff for Stylish Living
Jessica Probus and Alice Mongkongllite

The most important concepts of home design, decor, and furnishing simplified into 300 friendly, easy-to-understand graphics You want your home to look good. But unfortunately,…

A Former Evangelical Woman's Freethought Journey to Happiness
Betty Brogaard

Why is homemade pie better than store-bought? Because it is made with love, special care and personal attention. Betty Brogaard’s atheism is just like that….

300 Natural Recipes for Luxurious Soaks
Kate Bello

Soothe stress, heal the body, and smell fantastic with luxurious homemade bath products There is nothing better than slipping into a hot bubble bath after…

Quick-and-Easy, Toxin-Free Recipes to Replace Your Kitchen Cleaner, Bathroom Disinfectant, Laundry Detergent, Bleach, Bug Killer, Air Freshener, and more…
Dionna Ford and Mandy O'Brien


Artisan Recipes Using Fresh Natural Ingredients
Jessica Harlan

Flavor-packed, preservative-free recipes for delicious versions of all your favorite condiments This beautiful book, comprehensive in its coverage, tells how to take fresh produce, herbs,…

Create Unique Colors and Designs For Eye-Catching Nails
Allison Rose Spiekermann

Make Your Own Nail Polish Colors to Create Personalized, Customized Looks Just for You Colorful, daring nail art is today’s hottest fashion trend, popping up…

300 Healthy Fruit and Green Smoothies for Pregnancy, Nursing and Baby’s First Years
Kristine Miles

SUPERDELICIOUS AND ULTRANUTRITIOUS, SMOOTHIES ARE THE PERFECT FOOD FOR MOM AND HER LITTLE ONE Mothers have one primary concern: ensuring that their children get proper…

50 Fun and Creative Decor, Fashion, Gift and Holiday Projects to Make with Your Glue Gun
Angie Holden and Carolina Moore

Discover the amazingly creative things you can do with your glue gun! You’ve used your glue gun to make some pretty nice stuff, but chances…

Eric Harrison

Combines Eastern wisdom with scientific evidence to explain how and why meditation improves the functioning of all systems of the body.

And 101 Other Things Every Interesting Man Should Know
Gareth May

Be that guy who amazes everyone with his knowledge of curious, strange, and fascinating facts from around the world There comes a time in every…

Guarantee Your Crying Poop Monster Grows Up to be Better Than All the Other Kids
Sean Campbell and D. Hornby

A hilarious parody that tells parents how to guarantee their child turns out exactly as desired — no matter how ridiculous the parents’ dream Parents…

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