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50 States of Fun ABC Practice
Editors of Ulysses Press

Designed for curious-minded kids and patriotic parents, this learning aid brings to life each letter with uniquely American examples Designed for curious-minded kids and patriotic…

100 Wholesome and Vibrant Blended Creations
Leigh Weingus

Discover the coolest new trend for healthy eating based on the delicious açaí bowl of Brazil and Hawaii Featuring over 100 amazing creations and more…

50 Exercises to Stretch and Strengthen Your Abs, Core, Arms, Back and Legs
Karl Knopf

Takes ab wheel workouts to the next level with carefully designed programs that work the entire body An incredibly effective tool for achieving a toned,…

Living Like Lebowski
Oliver Benjamin and Dwayne Eutsey

The ultimate guide to adopting the lifestyle of The Dude—the enviably easygoing protagonist from The Big Lebowski A commercial flop in its initial release in…

Get Super Crime-Fighter Ripped in 30 Days
Dave Randolph

High-intensity programs anyone can use to achieve a sculpted, superhuman physique Everyone knows the difference between merely being in shape and possessing a jaw-dropping Hollywood…

187 Fun and Exciting Drawings You Can Finish Yourself
John Duggan

From pirates stealing treasure, cowboys lassoing wild horses, and knights storming castles to monsters eating cars, spacemen fighting aliens, and wizards ensnaring dragons, The Action-Packed…

Unleash Your Body’s Natural Ability to Overcome Gut Sensitivities, Brain Fog, Inflammation, Anxiety, Depression and More
Navaz Habib

Repair your vagus nerve and experience amazing health and wellness benefits Your vagus nerve is the largest and most important nerve in your body. It…

An Unconventional Exploration of Manhattan's Historic Neighborhoods, Secret Spots and Colorful Characters
Greg Young and Tom Meyers

The Bowery Boys’ official companion to their wildly popular, award-winning podcast It was 2007. Sitting at a kitchen table and speaking into an old karaoke…

Sadistic Kidnappers and the Courageous Stories of Their Innocent Victims
Nigel Cawthorne

True stories of horrific kidnappings, torturous ordeals and the extraordinary courage Delving into the minds of twisted criminals who hold young women in endless captivity…

100 Delicious Recipes for Quick-and-Easy Treats From Donuts to Desserts
Teresa Finney

Everyone’s Favorite Sweet Treats Made More Delicious in the Quick, Clean and Convenient Air Fryer You love your air fryer for savory items like chicken…

144 DIY Ideas for Hosting the Perfect Class
Donna Raskin

Wow your guests with these wonderfully scentsational recipesPacked with seasonal blends, creative gifts, and much more, this book offers unique ways to make every essential…

The Collapse Begins

A time bomb of a novel featuring a young man’s desperate effort to survive the collapse of American civilization With the economy in free fall,…


Action-Movie Paced Narrative of a Young Man Struggling to Restore Order as America Falls Deeper into Chaos and Anarchy With the federal government in disarray…

An Illustrated Guide to the Muscles Used for Each Strike, Kick, and Throw
Lily Chou and Ph.D. Norman G. Link

THE ULTIMATE TRAINING SUPPLEMENT FOR MARTIAL ARTISTS With detailed anatomical drawings, this book precisely illustrates the inner workings of your body during key martial arts…

Customizable Colorful Charts to Improve Classroom Management and Foster Student Achievement
Chynell Moore

Create a more inspiring classroom with amazing anchor charts.Packed with 101 fun, colorful, and helpful anchor charts, this ready-to-use handbook for elementary teachers includes charts…

Using Energy to Heal the Animals in Your Life
Elizabeth Fulton and Kathleen Prasad

Ideal for animal lovers who are interested in exploring complementary therapies, this book provides a thorough introduction to Reiki, including step-by-step instructions for treating animals….

A Pocket Guide to the Revolutionary ORAC Scale for Choosing Healthy Foods
Mariza Snyder and Lauren Clum

A handy guide for supercharging any diet with the highest-rated antioxidant foods Most diet books focus on what not to eat. This first-ever antioxidant counter…

Saying Sorry with Adorable Pugs
Editors of Ulysses Press

A funny, heartwarming collection of perforated, tear-out, apology cards featuring super-cute pug photos Everyone messes up sometime. That’s easy. It’s the apologizing that’s hard. Why…

A Children's Book Parody for Adults Exploring the World of Wine
Reese Ling

A delightfully illustrated spoof that demystifies wine and helps you understand the key traits of different varietals When Penguin finishes work for the day, he…

75 Homemade Recipes from Fountain Classics to Rhubarb Basil, Sea Salt Lime, Cold-Brew Coffee and Much Much More
Andrea Lynn

Invitingly creative, incredibly delicious, all-natural flavors in the first-ever cookbook of gourmet sodas People love soda. But why settle for the corn syrup-sweetened, artificially flavored,…

The Thinking Person's Answer to Christian Fundamentalism
David Mills

Clear, concise, and persuasive, Atheist Universe details exactly why God is unnecessary to explain the universe and life’s diversity, organization, and beauty. The author thoroughly…

A Nutritional Program to Fuel the Body for Peak Performance and Rapid Recovery
Brett Stewart and Corey Irwin

A step-by-step plan to help any athlete build muscle, lose fat, and compete at a higher level The astounding physical feats of top athletes like…

A Workbook for You and Your Child
Phil Abrams, Leslie Henriques, M.P.H. and Foreword by Lorna Wing, M.D.

In clear and concise language, The Autistic Spectrum Parent’s Daily Helper describes the techniques parents can use to help their autistic child navigate life’s daily…

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