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75 Recipes for Rich and Creamy Homemade Scoops and Treats
Ben Hirshberg

Indulgent frozen treats that strictly follow the paleo diet and taste delicious The popular Paleolithic, or “paleo,” diet has helped millions of people lose weight…

A Guide for Weight Loss and Healthy Living
Dena Harris

The first guide to opening up the wildly popular diet to vegetarians The Paleo lifestyle has taken the world by storm for helping millions of…

Adorably Delicious, Bite-Size Confections from the Dragonfly Cakes Bakery
Brooks Nguyen

An enchanting recipe collection featuring ornately decorated, bonbon-sized layer cakes The Petit Four Cookbook reinvents an 18th-century French delicacy and brings it straight to the…

Mini Versions of Your Favorite Baked Delights
Christy Beaver and Morgan Greenseth

An irresistible collection of delicious, adorable, bite-size sweets sure to charm family and friends For hip bakers looking to dazzle guests, nothing beats the small…

See. Make. Eat.
Katie Shelly

A fresh and original cookbook with artistically illustrated recipes that are as fast to learn and easy to follow as they are delicious Dispensing with…

60 Boozy Treats Served on a Stick
Erin Nichols

Devilishly delicious recipes for alcohol-infused versions of everyone’s favorite childhood treat Ice pops — those colorful, on-a-stick, frozen delights — are making a huge comeback….

Affordably Stockpile a Lifesaving Supply of Nutritious, Delicious, Shelf-Stable Foods
Daisy Luther

A practical and approachable guide to amassing an emergency food supply filled with you own natural dishes As the disaster drags on for days, weeks,…

101 Recipes to Turn Your Emergency Food into Nutritious, Delicious, Life-Saving Meals
Tess Pennington

A comprehensive plan to survive any disruption of the food supply by preserving, storing, and cooking with emergency rations Nobody knows when the next disaster…

150 Creative Recipes for Super Nutritious, Amazingly Delicious Dishes
Jessica Harlan and Kelley Sparwasser

Lose Weight, Get Healthy, And Enjoy Every Meal With Imaginative Recipes Made With Nutrient-Packed Quinoa Packed with protein, nutrients, and eight essential amino acids, quinoa…

120 Creative Recipes for Easy Meals Using Everyone's Favorite Pack of Noodles
Jessica Harlan

Stereotyped as a stomach filling staple for starving students, ramen is actually wildly popular with a wide range of Americans for its savory flavor. Even…

75 Fun Snacks, Adorable Appetizers and Delicious Entrees
Heather Torrone

Make hearty, handheld pops packed with meats, cheese and veggies in this creative twist on a wildly popular baking trend You’ve got to love cake…

Sour Spicy Herbal Umami Bitter Smoky Rich Strong
Greg Henry

Today’s coolest cocktail concoctions from Dirty Martini and Spicy Bloody Mary to Salty Dog and Sour Papa Hemingway Carrie Bradshaw’s sweet and fruity cosmo is…

Delicious Recipes for Seasoned Meats, Vegetables and Cheeses Baked in Perfectly Flaky Crusts
Greg Henry

BAKED DELIGHTS PACKED WITH HEARTY FILLINGS AND AMAZING FLAVORS Starting with everyone’s favorite ingrediant—delicious pie crust—this collection of culinary creations offers 75 ways to turn…

150 One-Tray Recipes for Quick and Easy, Low-Carb Meals and Hassle-free Cleanup
Pamela Ellgen

Ketogenic cooking has never been easier than with this collection of simple prep and quick cleanup recipes Your ketogenic dinner just got a whole lot…

200 One-Tray Recipes for Quick Prepping, Easy Roasting and Hassle-free Clean Up
Pamela Ellgen

Paleo cooking has never been easier than with this collection of 200 one-pan recipes that take 20 minutes or less for complete prep and clean…

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