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Serial Killers

Fascinating investigations of the dark side.

Sadistic Kidnappers and the Courageous Stories of Their Innocent Victims
Nigel Cawthorne
Profiles of Depraved Flesh-Eating Murderers
Christopher Berry-Dee

The Twisted Development of Innocent Children into the World's Most Sadistic Murderers
Christopher Berry-Dee and Steven Morris
Portraits of Murderers, Cannibals and Sex Predators Who Stalked the Web for Their Victims
Christopher Berry-Dee and Steven Morris

Illustrated Accounts of the World's Most Gruesome Murderers
Chris McNab
Profiles of the World's Most Barbaric Criminals
Nigel Cawthorne

Inside the World of Torturers, Psychopaths, and Mass Murderers
Christopher Berry-Dee
The World's Most Maniacal Murderers in Their Own Words
Christopher Berry-Dee and Victoria Redstall