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Martial Arts

Master the techniques while training for maximum speed, power and accuracy.

An Illustrated Guide to the Muscles Used for Each Strike, Kick, and Throw
Lily Chou and Ph.D. Norman G. Link
Elite Techniques of the World's Most Powerful Combat System
Darren Levine and Ryan Hoover

The Ultimate Guide to Over 200 Self-Defense and Combative Techniques
Darren Levine and John Whitman
A Step-by-Step Guide to the World's Easiest-to-Learn, Most-Effective Fitness and Fighting Program
Darren Levine

Your Ultimate Program for Self Defense
Darren Levine, Ryan Hoover and Kelly Campbell
Improve Flexibility, Balance and Strength for Higher Kicks, Faster Strikes, Smoother Throws, Safer Falls, and Stronger Stances
Lily Chou

Techniques to Disable Anyone in Seconds Using Minimal Force
Vince Morris