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mmm bites
75 Homemade Recipes from Fountain Classics to Rhubarb Basil, Sea Salt Lime, Cold-Brew Coffee and Much Much More
Andrea Lynn
70 Homemade Versions of Your Favorite Brand-Name Treats
Casey Barber

Delicious Recipes That Bring the Heat
Rachel Rappaport
Recipes for the Most Delicious Dishes from America's Most Popular Restaurants
Stephanie Manley

More Recipes for the Most Delicious Dishes from America's Most Popular Restaurants
Stephanie Manley
75 Delicious, Handheld Meals Hot Out of Your Sandwich Maker
Jessica Harlan

50 All-New Delicious and Adorable Creations
Molly Bakes
Tasty Two-in-One Treats Including Sconuts, S'morescake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie and Many More
Dorothy Kern

50 Innovative Recipes for your Ceramic Smoker and Grill
Paul Sidoriak
Homemade Italian Desserts from Cannoli, Biscotti, and Tiramisu to Torte, Tartufi, and Struffoli
Grace Massa-Langlois

A Year of Farmers Market–Fresh Super Drinks
Kristine Miles
50 Dazzling and Delicious Cake Creations
Kris Holechek

Delicious Recipes for a Year of Hassle-Free Celebrations
Jonnie Downing
Artisan Recipes Using Fresh Natural Ingredients
Jessica Harlan

More than 150 International Recipes Using Foods from the World's Greatest Grocery Store
Cherie Mercer Twohy
150 Cheap and Easy Gourmet Recipes
Andrea Lynn

More than 150 Delicious Recipes Using Only Foods from the World’s Greatest Grocery Store
Cherie Mercer Twohy
Delicious Recipes and Entertaining Ideas Using Only Foods and Drinks from the World’s Greatest Grocery Store
Cherie Mercer Twohy

150 Delicious and Healthy Recipes Using Foods from the World's Greatest Grocery Store
Kris Holechek
50 Boozy Treats That You Spike and Freeze at Home
Valerie Lum and Jenise Addison

Recipes and Techniques for the World's Best Barbecue
Chris Grove
101 Easy Ways to Spice Up Everyone's Favorite Boxed Comfort Food
Kristen Kuchar

Authentic French Cookie Recipes from the Macaron Cafe
Cecile Cannone
50 Layered Lunches to Grab and Go
Julia Mirabella

Adorable and Delicious Recipes for Your Favorite Treats
Morgan Greenseth and Christy Beaver
A Cocktail for Every Calamity
Janet Frongillo

101 Savory Snacks, Adorable Appetizers, Enticing Entrees and Delicious Desserts
Matt Kadey
101 Delicious Recipes for When It's Too Hot to Cook
Matt Kadey

75 Recipes for Rich and Creamy Homemade Scoops and Treats
Ben Hirshberg
Adorably Delicious, Bite-Size Confections from the Dragonfly Cakes Bakery
Brooks Nguyen

Mini Versions of Your Favorite Baked Delights
Christy Beaver and Morgan Greenseth
See. Make. Eat.
Katie Shelly

60 Boozy Treats Served on a Stick
Erin Nichols
Incredible Fruit and Green Smoothies to Fuel Workouts, Build Muscle and Burn Fat
Keith Sebastian and Samuel Barnes

101 Recipes to Turn Your Emergency Food into Nutritious, Delicious, Life-Saving Meals
Tess Pennington
120 Creative Recipes for Easy Meals Using Everyone's Favorite Pack of Noodles
Jessica Harlan

75 Fun Snacks, Adorable Appetizers and Delicious Entrees
Heather Torrone
Sour Spicy Herbal Umami Bitter Smoky Rich Strong
Greg Henry

Delicious Recipes for Seasoned Meats, Vegetables and Cheeses Baked in Perfectly Flaky Crusts
Greg Henry
200 One-Tray Recipes for Quick Prepping, Easy Roasting and Hassle-free Clean Up
Pamela Ellgen

Grill, Cure, Bake and Serve with Himalayan Salt Blocks
Jessica Harlan and Kelley Sparwasser
180 Easy and Delicious Recipes You Can Make in 20 Minutes or Less
Amy Green

Hot, Easy, and Delicious Custards, Cobblers, Souffles, Pies, Cakes, and More
Jonnie Downing
Mouthwatering Sandwich Recipes from the Heart of New Orleans
Todd-Michael St. Pierre

Recipes and Delicious Cookies, Muffins, Scones, Pies, Puddings, Breads and Pizzas
Kelly E. Keough
Creole, Cajun, and Soul Food from New Orleans' Famous Neighborhood of Jazz
Todd-Michael St. Pierre

150 Quick-and-Easy Recipes You Stuff, Roll, Fold, Wrap and Stick in Your Mouth
Jessica Harlan
100 Adventurous Recipes for the Most Delicious, Nutritious, and Flavorful Bean Dishes Ever
Kelsey Kinser

Adorably Delicious Pies, Cakes, Puddings, and much more
Kris Holechek Peters
Cool Recipes for Delicious Dairy-Free Ice Creams and Cookies
Kris Holechek Peters

Healthy and Delicious Twists on Your Favorite Noodle Dishes
Kelsey Kinser