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Working Out
Strengthen and Sculpt Your Arms, Abs, Chest, Back and Glutes by Training to do 100 Consecutive Push-Ups
Steve Speirs
Strengthen and Sculpt Your Abs, Back, Core and Obliques by Training to Do 300 Consecutive Sit-Ups
Brett Stewart

The Ultimate Guide to Over 250 Self-Defense and Combative Techniques
Darren Levine and John Whitman
No-Impact Interval Training and Strength Exercises
Melisenda Edwards and Katalin Wight

An Illustrated Guide to the Muscles Used while Exercising with Dumbbells, Barbells, Kettlebells and More
Ryan George
BOSU® Balance Trainer Workouts for Core Strength and a Super Toned Body
Jane Aronovitch, Miriane Taylor and Colleen Craig

No-Impact Water Workouts for Getting Fit, Building Strength and Rehabbing from Injury
Dr. Karl Knopf
A Nutrition and Training Program for Athletes on the Caveman Diet
Darryl Edwards, Brett Stewart and Jason Warner

200 Delicious Recipes to Supercharge Every Dish with Whey, Soy, Casein and More
Courtney Nielsen
Functional Workouts to Tone, Sculpt and Strengthen Your Entire Body
Ben Hirshberg

Gym-Free Workouts to Build Muscle and Get in Elite Shape
Augusta DeJuan Hathaway
Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide to Toning, Strengthening and Rehabilitative Techniques
Dr. Karl Knopf

Workout Programs for Total-Body Conditioning
Lily Chou and Kenneth Leung
60 Habit-Forming Routines to Make Working Out Fun
Andie Thueson

The Revolutionary Program to Tone, Sculpt and Strengthen Your Whole Body
Dave Randolph
A Complete Guide to Barbell Lifts—from Beginner to Gold Medal
Dave Randolph