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You’re Cute
Cards to Break the Ice
By Meera Lee Patel

A witty collection of dating cards designed to cleverly capture the attention of someone new

Each unique tear-out card in You’re Cute offers you a fun and disarming way to approach that stunning man or woman that has caught your eye. Ranging from charming, friendly and laugh-out-loud funny to intriguing, enchanting and down-right sexy, these tiny, wallet-sized cards are perfect for parties, coffee shops, bars or anywhere else you might spot that special somebody.

Forget using an old cliché such as “Can I buy you a drink?” “Come here often?” and “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” when one of these creative alternatives is much more likely to start a conversation. They’re ideal for a woman who’s looking to make the first move in a smart, stylish and sexy manner, and for a man wanting a totally original way to get a woman laughing right off the bat.

Jul 2013
Trade Paper
20 pages
Gifty Grabs
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