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The Offset Smoker Cookbook
Pitmaster Techniques and Mouthwatering Recipes for Authentic, Low-and-Slow BBQ
By Chris Grove

Discover how to make authentic, competition-quality bbq with your offset smoker

Serving up flavor-packed recipes and step-by-step techniques, this handy how-to guide and cookbook will have you smoking like a true pitmaster in no time. It features everything from pro tips on flavoring with smoke to little-known tricks for maintaining perfect temperature control. The easy-to-follow recipes and helpful color photos guarantee you’ll be making the best barbecue of your life including mouth-watering meals such as:

  • Green Chile Crusted Flank Steak Tacos
  • Beef Chorizo Stuffed Peppers
  • Pineapple Habanero Baby Back RibsYour offset smoker is the best appliance for taking your barbecue to the next level. So open this book, fire up your smoker and start impressing family, friends, and neighbors with your delicious barbecue.
Jul 2019
9.25 x 7.5
196 pages
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