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The Cyclical Ketogenic Diet
A Smarter, Easier Way to Burn Fat with Intermittent Ketosis
By Robert Santos-Prowse

All the benefits of the ketogenic diet in an easier-to-follow, healthy lifestyle approach
The ketogenic diet is a proven way to burn fat and lose weight, but it can be incredibly difficult to follow its extremely low-carb, high-fat requirements day after day. Luckily, it can be modified with an intermittent application that is still highly effective while being far easier to sustain. With the cyclical ketogenic diet method presented in this book, you alternate between periods of restricted carb intake to kick your body into ketosis and periods of balanced eating to maintain the gains realized during the fat burning ketosis. This unique approach to the ketogenic diet offers both effective weight loss while allowing more freedom to enjoy the foods you love.

Feb 2019
Trade Paper
8 x 5
192 pages
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