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Staying Young with Interval Training
The Revolutionary HIIT Approach to Being Fit, Strong and Healthy at Any Age
By Joseph Tieri

Discover the Scientifically Proven Fitness Routine that Reverses the Effects of Aging
Studies show that interval training reinvigorates your muscles and can help keep you healthy and active into your 50 and beyond. Packed with helpful guidelines, explanations, and suggestions for creating a HIIT plan that is right for you, this new book makes it easy to achieve your personal health and fitness goals.
Staying Young with Interval Training shows how to transform your day-to-day workouts in a way that guarantees to improve muscle strength, definition, and health. Widely regarded in the fitness world as one of the most effective methods of exercise, interval training offers benefits that range from increasing the body’s capacity to burn fat to improving athletic performance.

Mar 2018
Trade Paper
9.25 x 7.5
144 pages
Senior and Speciality Fitness
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