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Small Habits, Big Changes
How the Tiniest Steps Lead to a Happier, Healthier You
By Steven Handel

Harness the power of small habits to revolutionize your life.
It’s obvious that you can’t go from the starting line to the finish line in one step. The less obvious discovery is that the best path is not one of giant leaps and bounds but rather small, achievable strides. In this book, you’ll discover valuable and irreplaceable tips, tools, and techniques for making real change in your life – but it all starts with thinking smaller.
The author suggests dozens of little things you can do everyday that will improve everything from your health, leisure, and relationships to your career, finances, and organization. From developing a nighttime routine for falling asleep faster to drinking more water, you’ll discover little, easy habits to include into your day-to-day life that will help you towards a happier, healthier future!

Sept 2018
Trade Paper
8.5 x 5.5
156 pages
Personal Growth
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