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Savory Cocktails
Sour Spicy Herbal Umami Bitter Smoky Rich Strong
By Greg Henry

Today’s coolest cocktail concoctions from Dirty Martini and Spicy Bloody Mary to Salty Dog and Sour Papa Hemingway
Carrie Bradshaw’s sweet and fruity cosmo is dead! These days the hottest cocktail concoctions are the savory and strong drinks Don Draper imbibes. Just in time for those in need, Savory Cocktails serves up 65 of these hard-hitting distilled delights. And it serves them up neat. Perfect for people who appreciate the difference between aromatic and citrus bitters, this book offers a stylish, sophisticated approach to complex flavored cocktails. With select information on tools, ingredients, and cocktail history, this is a more than a recipe book — it’s a great read, combined with delicious recipes that have been taste tested and mixologist approved. Carefully designed, tweaked, and curated, the recipes in this book include devilish twists on classic cocktails, featured favorites from well-known bars, and the author’s own concoctions . . . and there isn’t a blasphemous sugar-rimmed appletini glass anywhere in the book.

Aug 2013
Trade Paper
6 1/2 x 9
144 pages
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