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Psoas Strength and Flexibility
Core Workouts to Increase Mobility, Reduce Injuries and End Back Pain
By Pamela Ellgen

Dramatically increase flexibilty, end back and hip pain and maintain superior mobility through psoas muscle workouts

Millions of people suffer from painful lumbar problems each year. But surprisingly “slipping a disc” in that region may be the result of an entirely unknown muscle group that you rely on every day to walk, sit up and exercise. With Psoas Strength and Flexibility, you can dramatically reduce the risk of lower back injury, tightness in your hips and end up instead with a powerful, healthy core. This friendly manual outlines the causes for common injuries due to a weak psoas muscle, including common back problems and shows you how to stretch, strengthen and maintain a healthy body.

Illustrated with over 250 step-by-step photographs, Psoas Strength and Flexibility offers easy-to-follow exercises to:

• Dramatically reduce back and hip pain
• Improve flexibility
• Speed up recovery
• Prevent injury

Mar 2015
Trade Paper
7 1/2 x 9 1/4
144 pages
Rehab and Injury Prevention
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