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The Neighborhood Emergency Response Handbook
Your Life-Saving Plan for Personal and Community Preparedness
By Scott Finazzo

Practical, step-by-step strategies and techniques for helping your own family, first responders and vulnerable community members during any emergency situation
Eventually, everyone experiences a catastrophic emergency. Whether it’s a hurricane that sweeps across their entire state, an earthquake or flood that decimates their home city or a house fire that puts their family in danger. Knowing what to do before, during and immediately after these emergency situations can mean the difference between life and death. All across the country people of all walks of life are signing up for Community Emergency Response Team training classes where they learn how to help those in dire need and assist overwhelmed first responders in saving lives and preventing further disaster. This book teaches you what those CERT team members learn—from stabilizing a car crash victim for ambulance transport and rescuing trapped citizens from a fallen building to putting out a house fire before the fire trucks even arrive.

Jul 2015
Trade Paper
6 x 9
240 pages
Survival Skills
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