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Morning Meetings for Special Education Classrooms
101 Fun Ideas, Creative Activities and Adaptable Techniques
By Dr. Felicia Durden, Ed.D.

A complete guide for improving the focus and engagement of your special education students by starting the day off right
Research has shown that students learn better when they feel secure, involved, and calm. To create an environment that promotes these feelings, teachers have begun using morning meetings as a way to lower stress and establish routine. But coming up with new ideas to start each day during a long school year can be challenging. Morning Meetings for Special Education Classrooms solves this dilemma with its easy-to-implement collection of proven ideas. Designed for busy educators, this helpful handbook provides 101 games, activities, and special practices for starting each academic day. The techniques are highly customizable and will help you create a strong learning foundation and sense of community for your students. The author, who has over a decade of experience in the special education classroom, offers sample lessons and proven techniques including calendar activities, news sharing, and fitness and movement time. She also gives instructions and strategies for applying various meeting techniques in a real classroom setting. The classroom management strategies in this book are sure to promote a climate of trust and positive behavior for greater academic and behavioral success.

Jun 2017
Trade Paper
6 x 9
176 pages
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