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Les Oeufs Verts au Jambon
The French Edition of Green Eggs and Ham
By Dr. Seuss

When parents, teachers and young readers need a beginner book, they turn to Dr. Seuss more than any other author. His titles are timeless favorites that transcend countries, generations and languages. So what better book to help a youngster learn to read in French than a French edition of his widely popular Green Eggs and Ham?
Combining Dr. Seuss’ original illustrations with an all new translation, Les Oeufs Verts au Jambon offers a true-to-the-author presentation of the slyly engaging story that has delighted readers since it was first published in 1960.

There is Sam-I-am with his sure-to-please “nouveau cuisine.” What could be more French indeed? With its simple sentence structure and basic vocabulary, Les Oeufs Verts au Jambon is a perfect book for young children who are learning to read French.

Feb 2009
$12.95 US
Trade Paper
64 pages
Dr Seuss en Francais
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