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Jawsome Shark Quizzes
Test Your Knowledge of Shark Types, Behaviors, Attacks, Legends and Other Trivia
By Karen Chu

Perfect for shark fans of any age, this is the ultimate trivia collection on everything shark
For one week every summer you become consumed by shark facts, videos, and stories. But how much do you really know about the ocean’s ultimate predator? Includes quizzes ranging in difficulty from simply fintastic to deadly hard, Jawsome Shark Quizzes puts your knowledge to the test! Their skeletal system is made of cartilage not bone. Correct. The largest species is the Whale Shark. Of course! However, those well known facts are just the tip of the dorsal fin when it comes to cool shark trivia. Do sharks determine social rank by body size or swimming speed? Do sharks see in color or black and white? Which large species can survive in fresh water and has been known to attack humans in rivers? In quiz after quiz, this book offers an interactive way to recall, remember, and learn new shark facts. Nothing is as enjoyable, nor reinforces learning better, than challenging yourself to correctly answer a set of tough questions, and Jawsome Shark Quizzes serves them up one after the next.

May 2017
Trade Paper
6 x 9
240 pages
Gifty Grabs
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