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I Am Incomplete Without You
An Interactive Poetry Journal from the Author of I Wrote This For You
By Iain Sinclair Thomas

A creativity-sparking collection of thoughtful prompts to spur readers’ creative writing and deep reflection
Unlike other journals full of trite quotes and kitschy pictures, I Am Incomplete Without You offers meaningful prompts and compelling art that inspire you to reflect on your experiences and search for insights. This guided journal from bestselling poet Iain S. Thomas helps you express your deepest struggles and emotions. The goal isn’t to produce rhyming poems, but evocative, expressive answers to powerful questions.
Featuring thought-provoking prompts such as “Where do you hide behind your eyes? Where do you hide the parts of you others cannot find?” and “How do you appear to a bird in flight?” this collection helps you tap into your vulnerable emotional depths. The book also includes black and white illustrations to further spark creativity and inspire reflection.

Feb 2016
Trade Paper
6 x 9
224 pages
Personal Growth
Gifty Grabs
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