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Heal Your Frozen Shoulder
An At-Home, Rehab Program to End Pain and Regain Range of Motion
By Karl Knopf

A comprehensive at-home rehab, strengthening, and maintenance program for recovering from and preventing frozen shoulder
Featuring step-by-step exercises complete with over 150 photos, Heal Your Frozen Shoulder guarantees that you, regardless of fitness level, can recover from and prevent further shoulder pain. The author, a medical doctor who specializes in the needs of aging patients, details the causes, symptoms, and treatment of this condition, along with simple lifestyle tweaks that can make a world of difference to sufferers. With the emphasis on proper form and gentle, effective stretching and strengthening movements, this book helps you safely and easily regain motion while avoiding injury. Plus, its exercise and workout schedules make it easy for you to achieve optimal results.

Feb 2017
Trade Paper
7 1/2 x 9 1/4
144 pages
Senior and Speciality Fitness
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