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Harold et le Crayon Violet
The French Edition of Harold and the Purple Crayon
By Crockett Johnson

Have fun learning French with the beloved story of Harold and his magical crayon

Creative, endearing and simply beautiful, the tale of Harold’s wondrous journey through his imagination has delighted readers for over fifty years. To many fans it is not just a charming story, but a book that used easy vocabulary and simple but poignant language to first teach them how to read. Now this new translation of the classic text can help children learn to read French. Full of ferocious dragons, deep oceans and steep cliffs, this exciting tale makes learning French a joy while also showing the power, both illuminating and menacing, of a strong imagination. Every child can identify with Harold’s escape into a hand-crafted reality, the trials he undergoes as that world takes shape and his eventual safe return home (not to mention his love for drawing on walls). Children and adults alike will enjoy diving into la langue française with this classic text.

Mar 2013
6 1/4 x 7 3/4
64 pages
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