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The GI Mediterranean Diet
The Glycemic Index-Based Life-Saving Diet of the Greeks
By Fedon Alexander Lindberg M.D.

Mediterranean cuisine and GI dieting are a proven match made in culinary heaven. Whether it be savory Italian pastas and wines or exotic dishes from everywhere between Marrakech and Marathon, The GI Mediterranean Diet shows readers how the Old World’s most celebrated foods can keep you lean, young and living a longer and healthier life.

This complete guide applies the wildly successful Glycemic Index monitoring system to the Mediterranean Diet, one of today’s most effective regimens for staying hale and hearty. Along with in-depth scientific breakdowns of traditional Mediterranean foods, The GI Mediterranean Diet offers a day-to-day, four-week program. The reader will find full meal menus and fantastic, low GI recipes for Moroccan chicken to Greek moussaka, lamb casserole and the author’s own nut-encrusted cheesecake, each accompanied by a calculation of its winning GI score.

Apr 2009
$14.95 US
Trade Paper
256 pages
Special Diets
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