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The Gastroparesis Healing Diet
A Guided Program for Promoting Gastric Relief, Reducing Symptoms and Feeling Great
By Tammy Chang

A customizable approach to overcoming your debilitating symptoms of gastroparesis through a personalized nutritional program
With no identifiable cause, no known cure, and life-sapping symptoms, gastroparesis can make you feel helpless. But you’re not! The Gastroparesis Healing Diet empowers you to fight back by taking total control of your diet. It opens with a guided elimination diet for treating symptoms and identifying triggers. By choosing nutrient-dense foods and knowing what’s best avoided, you can tame your symptoms. Carefully formulated yet amazingly delicious recipes help you identify the best foods for your unique situation. This helpful handbook explains how the stomach muscles work with the intestines, and what you can do to aid healthy digestion. Including tips and tricks for restaurant dining, staying social, and stress reduction, it truly is the ultimate guide for taking charge of your health and feeling great.

Feb 2017
Trade Paper
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
228 pages
Special Diets
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