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Dog Mom
How to be the Best Mama to Your Fur Baby
By Christine Amorose Merrill

Why have a mere pet when you can spoil your fur baby with everything a dog could ever want!
Every mom secretly wishes their bundle of joy would stay a cuddly little baby forever. For dog moms, it actually happens! This charming little guide shows how to dedicate every waking hour to furthering the special bond between you and your pup. It provides advice and ideas for everything from embracing the lifestyle (“dog hair, don’t care”) to the making the best holiday costumes and homemade doggy treats.
This book is the perfect gift for the dog moms in your life. It’s humorous, quirky, and most of all, it understands the unwavering dedication and love dog moms shower on their fur babies.

May 2018
7 x 5
128 pages
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