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Deep End of the Pool Workouts
No-Impact Interval Training and Strength Exercises
By Melisenda Edwards and Katalin Wight

A guide to the hottest new trend in full-body, no-impact exercise—pool workouts where your feet never touch the bottom
For years, pool exercise meant swimming laps or performing slow and deliberate water aerobics while standing in the shallow end. With Deep End of the Pool Exercises, the intensity and effectiveness of water workouts is kicked up a level. By training in deep water, you get the cardio of swimming, the safe strength building of water resistance, and the core building of a stability routine. Deep End of the Pool Exercises guides you through 25 different moves that combine a total body workout with high intensity interval training. Featuring detailed instructions and 200 step-by-step photos, the book provides a comprehensive guide to this unique and effective form of fitness. Each exercise can be varied and customized to fit your individual fitness goals, all while remaining low-impact for healthier muscles and joints. Whether that goal is rehabbing from an injury, training for athletics, or building muscle, these deep-water exercises will fit the bill.

Apr 2017
Trade Paper
7 1/2 x 9 1/4
144 pages
Senior and Speciality Fitness
Working Out
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